The Lab for Advanced MRI

Research in our lab resides on the interface between developing novel methodologies for non-invasive MRI, and applying them to study tissues’ structure and function in biology and medicine. One main research objective is to characterize the myeloarchitecture of the central nervous system, in order to gain more insight into the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases.

To achieve this we develop new MR-based techniques, spanning several aspects of this imaging modality:

  • Design of new imaging protocols based on manipulation of spin dynamics and interactions
  • Quantitative encoding of MR parameters
  • Modeling sub-voxel interactions
  • Accelerated and multiparametric acquisition schemes
  • Customized signal processing and image reconstruction algorithms.


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MINDtalk, a unique project where groundbreaking research is presented by 10 chosen PhD students each year at TAU. Congratulations to Dvir Radunsky!

Neta Stern won the Excellence Scholarship of the Department of Biomedical Engineering!

Welcome to Coral Helft & Maria Holodov for joining the lab as master students